Biological Indicators

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WeRema biological indicator provides information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms for a given sterilization process, providing a level of confidence in the process. Endospores, or bacterial spores, are the microorganisms primarily used in BIs.KMN Rapid Reader adopts spectrum analysis technology to monitor the fluorescence changes of the Bacillus Stearothermophilus with special enzyme to rapidly judge whether there is surviving spores. The Reader is compatible with most popular rapid readout biological indicators in the market and can be used to validate the sterilization efficacy of sterilizers.The Rapid Reader is able to make judgments within 20~180 minutes to ensure implantation operations can be carriedout in time,and in the meantime, a report can be printed for traceability.

Quick Details
Model KMNBI0201 KMNBI0101 KMNBI0301 KMNBI0102
Application Vacuum&Gravity Vacuum&Gravity Vacuum&Gravity Hydogen peroxide vapor
Organism G-stearothermophilus(ATCC7953) G-stearothermophilus(ATCC7953) G-stearothermophilus(ATCC7953) G-stearothermophilus(ATCC7953)
Population(mean/strip) ≥1.0X106 c.f.u. ≥1.0X106 c.f.u. ≥1.0X106 c.f.u. ≥1.0X106 c.f.u.
D-value ≥1.5 min(121℃ steam) ≥1.5 min(121℃ steam) ≥1.5 min(121℃ steam) ≥1s (50℃ ,5mg/L VH2O2
Incubation Time 4~20min(readout) 15~60min(readout) 30~180min(readout) 4~20min(readout)
Frequency of Use Test 1 time every sterilivation cycle Test 1 time every sterilivation cycle Test 1 time every sterilivation cycle Test 1 time every sterilivation cycle
Packing 50pcs/Box 50pcs/Box 50pcs/Box 50pcs/

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