Bowie-Dick Test Pack/Paper

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WeRema Bowie-Dick Test Packs/Paper are pre-assembled, single use test packs designed to detection of defects in the sterilization process. An indicator sheet printed with water based, non-toxic chemical indicator. The color change from blue to black of indicator after steam sterilization indicates that all air was removed and replace by steam.

Brief advantages of WeRema Bowie-Dick Test Pack/Paper:

l Easy-to-read test sheet with detailed instructions for use and interpretations of results

l Small size for easy handling and storage

l External process indicator for ready identification of processed test packs

l Totally reproducible and the test sheet will stay flat after the sterilization cycle

Sterilization Color Change

Turn to Black from Blue under steam sterilization


WeRema Bowie-Dick Test Packs/Paper comply with ISO 11140-1, EN 867-4 and ISO 11140-4.

*Specification Sheet

WeRema Bowie-Dick Test Pack/Paper

Bowie-Dick Test Packs/Paper wrmBD – 01 115mm*125mm
Bowie-Dick Test Paper wrmBD – 02 210mm*300mm

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