Medical Crepe Paper

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WeRema medical crepe wrapping paper is made of 100% medical quality cellulose fibres and combines most economic wrapping with good drapability. It is particular packaging solution for lighter instruments and sets and can be used as either inner or outer wrapping.

Crepe is suitable for steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, Gamma ray sterilization, irradiation sterilization or formaldehyde sterilization in low temperature and is reliable solution for preventing cross contamination with bacteria. Three colors of crepe offered by WeRema are blue, green and white and different sizes are available upon request.

Brief advantages of WeRema crepe wrapping paper:

– 45g, 50g, 60g are available upon request.

– medical grade paper with no smell, no powder and non-toxic;

– Good softness and drapability;

– Excellent water resistance and bursting strength;

– High bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE);

– Proven microbial barrier.

*Specification Sheet

WeRema wrapping material crepe paper

WRMCP-3030 30cm*30cm(11”) 2000
WRMCP-4040 40cm*40cm(16”) 1000
WRMCP-4545 45cm*45cm(18”) 1000
WRMCP-5050 50cm*50cm(20”) 1000
WRMCP-6060 60cm*60cm(24”) 1000
WRMCP-7575 75cm*75cm(30”) 500
WRMCP-9090 90cm*90cm(35”) 250
WRMCP-100100 100cm*100cm(40”) 250
WRMCP-120120 120cm*120cm(47”) 200

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