Medical Cutter Machine

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Enamel baked shell.

3.4”Light touch LCD. English or Chinese is available for selection.

After setting the length and amount of pouch needed to be cut, the cutter can automatically

finishes the work controlled by the micro-programmer.

Settings: Cut Length ranges from 1-1000cm. Cut Amount ranges from 1-9999 pcs.

Total effective cutting Width: 40cm.

Cutting speed: 1pc./0.4sec., 9000pcs/hr.when Width 5cm, Cut Length 10cm, 6 rolls together..

Warnings with sounds: Normal, Done, No Feeding and Jam.

Power: 220V/50Hz. 110V/60Hz as option. 150W. Fuse: 10A.

Size: 665*355*215 mm (W*D*H).

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