Meg Roberts

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Tragedy can strike at any moment and can devastate you. You might feel that you will never recover from the pain you’re feeling and that the grief has consumed you. But there is hope. Meg Roberts, a former police officer, psychology student and certified life coach in Calgary, can help. She has made it her mission to help others overcome their grief so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. After facing multiple tragedies herself, Meg made it her purpose to encourage others to take control of their lives, ensuring they have the courage and will to enjoy life, not let tragedy destroy it. Through Courageous Life Coaching and The Grief Recovery Method, she can help you take control back in your life. Her warmness, compassion and support will help you in this dark time so that you can look forward to a life of fulfilment. If you are struggling after a heartbreaking loss, book your appointment for life coaching or grief counselling in Calgary with Meg.

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