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Owner Name: Ali Sheikh
Full Address: 330 Highway 7 PH 5 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8
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Year Found: 1994
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If you are seeking no cost advice of an experienced Lawyer who has focused on Criminal Law for over 25 years then Michael McKee is available to discuss your matter.
Contact his office today and rest assured that we will take every step possible to ensure that we protect you from a criminal record and to deal with any issues that can lead you to be in the custody of the Police and or avoid a potential Jail sentence.
We are also available to defend you with all other serious and minor criminal matters, but we do have a focus working with Young Offenders. Michael McKee understands that a criminal record can devastate the future of a youth and offers parents and guardians an opportunity to speak with him and help there children.
Michel has many defended many different types of clients over his 25 years practicing law in Ontario. His clients range from all walks of life and range from corporate to every day people. So do not make any assumptions. We are sure Michael McKee can help you regardless of where you are from or what you are accused of.
If a loved one is in police custody and you require a lawyer to attend for Bail Court, we are available by phone 24/7 to arrange attendance next day or whenever necessary. Bail is a very serious matter and should be handled by an experienced Criminal Lawyer. If a bail is denied the accused may have to spend additional time in police custody. This time can vary but can range 30 to 60 days before an Appeal for the denial of bail can be arranged if grounds can be found.
We defend all criminal charges. Visit our website for additional details or simply hit the call button and we can help now. Michael McKee has the experience you can count on to defend you in court and offer you the best chance of success.

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