Sterilization Gusseted Paper Bags

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WeRema sterilization gusseted paper bags can apply to various medical materials and devices for sterilization purpose. They are made of medical paper coating with high temperature glue and are suitable for STEAM-, EO-, FORM-, and Gamma sterilization. Steam indicator are imprinted on the paper surface which prevents the instrument from colored and help to obviously indicate if the sterilization process is enough and distinguish the articles of sterilized and non-sterilized.

It is not possible to peel WeRema paper bags. An aseptic removal is only feasible with scissors that assure effective and reliable protection of the sterile contents against contamination with unsterile dust.

Brief advantages of WeRema Sterilization Gusseted Paper Bags:

– Medical grade paper with technic 60gsm or 70gsm is an effective barrier against germs and bacteria;
– Three-dimensional that can increase the volume of the pouch;

– The lacquer strip at the filling end is heat-sealable for easy closing;

– The double-folded bottom seal and blue glue lines optimize safe use;

– The pouch has good breath ability that can prevent over expansion;
– Clean and accurate indicator color change.

*Sterilization Color Change

Turn to Black from Blue under steam sterilization

Specification Sheet

WeRema Sterilization Paper Bags Gusseted – Paper/Paper

WRMPB-A 90×50×150mm 1000
WRMPB-B 90×50×250mm 1000
WRMPB-C 110×30×190mm 1000
WRMPB-D 140×75×250mm 1000
WRMPB-F 140×50×330mm 1000
WRMPB-G 140×50×360mm 1000
WRMPB-H 180×95×380mm 500
WRMPB-J 100×50×150mm 1000
WRMPB-L 250×100×380mm 500
WRMPB-P 190×65×330mm 500
WRMPB-Q 110×45×190mm 1000

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