Sterilization Paper Pouches

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WeRema heat-sealing sterilization Pouches are packaging solution for sterilization applications. They assure reliable and effective protection of the medical instruments against contamination with bacteria from the time of sterilization until use of the sterile medical instruments.

WeRema heat-sealing sterilization pouches are constructed from medical grade paper and transparent PET/PP multi-layer copolymer film. Two water based, non-toxic process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization are imprinted on the paper surface which prevents the instrument from colored and help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages. Formaldehyde(FORM) indicator available upon request as well.

Brief advantages of WeRema Heat-seal Sterilization Pouches:

– Medical grade paper with technic 60gsm or 70gsm is an effective barrier against germs and bacteria,

– yet it permits the transmission of air, steam or sterilization gas;

– Reinforced film to avoid tear during opening;

– Peel-easy film permits film separate from paper with no shatters;

– Clean and accurate indicator color change;

– Tear, fibre-free opening and aseptic presentation;

– Triple band seal for higher package integrity which effectively avoiding crack;

*Sterilization Color Change

Turn to Black from Blue under steam sterilization

Turn to Yellow from Pink under EO sterilization


WeRema heat-seal sterilization pouches comply to EN868, ISO11607 & ISO11140-1 standards.

WeRema Heat-Sealing Sterilization Pouches Flat – Paper/Film

WRMHP-075200 75mm*200mm 9600
WRMHP-075300 75mm*300mm 6400
WRMHP-100200 100mm*200mm 6400
WRMHP-100300 100mm*300mm 4800
WRMHP-150300 150mm*300mm 3200
WRMHP-200400 200mm*400mm 1600
WRMHP-250450 250mm*450mm 1600
WRMHP-300500 300mm*500mm 1200

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