Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches

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Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches is a non-woven polyethylene fabric manufactured by DuPont. It is known for its outstanding strength, durability and tear resistance. As well as industrial use for EO and Gamma sterilization. Tyvek is not suitable for steam sterilization, however perfectly compatible with the requirements of VH2O2 (plasma) sterilization. It is also the first option for gas sterilization, for Tyvek hardly absorbs any toxic gases and thus result in far below legal limit values of residual toxic gas levels.

WeRema Tyvek sterilization reels and pouches made of uncoated Tyvek web and transparent multi-layer PET/PP copolymer film is decisively determined by the choice of materials. Two water based, non-toxic process indicators for hydrogen peroxide sterilization are imprinted on the Tyvek surface which prevents the instrument from colored and help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages. Formaldehyde(FORM) indicator available upon request as well.

Brief advantages of WeRema Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches:

– Excellent microbial barrier properties against germs, bacteria and moisture;

– Extremely high resistance to penetration and fibre-free peeling;

– Easy peel and aseptic presentation;

– Easy seal with old sealing machines;

– Clear and accurate color change.

Sterilization Color Change

Turn to Wine Red from Purple under plasma sterilization


WeRema tyvek sterilization reels and pouches comply to EN868, ISO11607 & ISO11140 standards.

*Specification Sheet

WeRema Tyvek sterilization reels flat

KMNTR-050100 50mm(2”)*100m 12
KMNTR-075100 75mm(3”)*100m 8
KMNTR-100100 100mm(4”)*100m 6
KMNTR-150100 150mm(6”)*100m 4
KMNTR-200100 200mm(8”)*100m 2
KMNTR-250100 250mm(10”)*100m 2
KMNTR-300100 300mm(12”)*100m 2
KMNTR-350100 350mm(14”)*100m 2
KMNTR-400100 400mm(16”)*100m 2
KMNTR500100 500mm(20”)*100m 2

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