Urban Water Works Inc.

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When you contact Urban Water Works, we’ll send out an experienced worker who will give you an expert diagnosis on even the trickiest drainage issue. Our customers have appreciated our prompt response and the courteous service they received when they contacted Urban Water Works with any water related issue. We’re providing the following services:

Water Main: Water Main Installation, Repairs and Replacements

Video Inspection: Video Drain and Sewer Inspection Services

Drainage: Drain Tile Installation and Repairs

Quality Services on Affordable Prices Do you have problems with water lines or clogged drains? Have you noticed wet spots in your lawn or basement? If you notice a running water sound inside your house or pooling of water on your property, you could have a leak on your water service/ water line. The experts at Urban Water Works can safely and efficiently address all of you water concerns in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Call 604-265-9795 us today for a free estimate.

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